Sustainable Garden

Pleasurable food education teaches Australian children positive food habits through fun, hands-on learning.

(Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program)



As a part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, our sustainable kitchen gardens at St Therese provide our students with many rich and authentic learning opportunities. Education in the kitchen garden is fully integrated in the Victorian Curriculum and focuses on positive food habits for life. Teamwork, environmental sustainability, science, health, literacy, mathematics, creative thinking, intercultural capability and many life skills are nurtured in the garden and the kitchen. Children engaging in kitchen garden learning also show increased levels of observation and understand the importance of ecosystems in maintaining and caring for our precious earth. 


Our gardens are seasonal and cared for by students and teachers with a focus on sustainability. With this in mind, we have included features and practices in our gardens such as worm farms, compost bins, water tanks, mulching, organic fertilising and lunchtime gardening sessions. The students also care for the creatures who rely on our garden and observe them closely during the different seasons.