Munch Day


Munch Day is available every Tuesday and Thursday at St Therese. 



The Parents and Friends Committee have organised Munch Day for every Tuesday and Thursday through Hungry Hamper Corporation (H&H). H&H Corporation hold the highest HACCAP certifications in their kitchens and they are working with Healthy Together Geelong, a state initiative, to promote health and wellbeing. H&H are a nut free facility and offer gluten free and vegetarian options as well as providing individual meals to suit allergies or diet.


There are three classifications for foods, Green, Amber and Red. For our menu options we have kept it all as Green so there is no confusion as to standard of healthy choices and we are simply providing our children with delicious and nutritious, healthy options to choose from. Everything on the menu is completely homemade fresh to order.


The main role of the P&F is fundraising for the school and H&H will contribute a set amount per item for donation to the school. The entire system is online and parents will be able to alert H&H of any allergies or dietary requirements when ordering. H&H will deliver the individually labelled lunches to the school in individually labelled class tubs made up of sections insulating the cold and hot foods.


Please note when ordering online; in the section asking for your child’s class please put the COLOUR of their class so lunches can be easily sorted.



Our menu is loaded to our online-canteen.Tuesday orders need to be in by mid-night Sunday prior and Thursday orders need to be in by mid-night Tuesday prior. To provide the freshest food at the highest quality, every portion is made fresh from scratch, and the kitchen requires this time to prepare. Please understand that late orders cannot be taken.



Some important points to remember: 

  • Ensure your child’s year level and colour are on their profile 
  • Don’t forget to click ‘Submit Order’ (some children have missed out on lunch for forgetting this step) when you have finished 
  • Double check the date you are ordering for 
  • There are two sizes of some items ie. pies and sausage rolls 
  • Check the box to receive confirmation by email to make certain your order went through



These small steps ensure your child receives their correct lunch order.



Click here to make your order.