PAM-Parent Access Module


What is PAM?


PAM-Parent Access Module is part of our new computer operating system, Simon. Parents/carers create a profile and then are able to record student absences, read and respond to emails for excursions, record and update student medical records and look up information sent via email.



How does St Therese use PAM?


At St Therese we use PAM as our main means of electronic communication with our families. It is predominately our way of sending out student permission for excursions and school related events. It is also very effective when emailing all important messages and notices that families require. PAM allows us to include any required attachments. It is essential that all new enrolments to our school establish a PAM profile for each member of the family who attends St Therese. We are also happy to assist with any questions, issues or concerns that may arise.



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