Buddy Program

All Foundation students are allocated a Grade 6 'Buddy' for their first year at school.

The purpose of this programme is to offer support and friendship as the Grade 6 student takes on a mentoring role, much like having an older sibling. The role of the Buddy can simply be having someone to look out for you at recess and sometimes play with, through to reading stories with one another, having lunch together and walking to Mass together. The Grade 6 children relish this role and obviously learn a lot from being part of the programme.

Various activities take place through the year where the 'Buddies' spend time together. Most of these are during school time, though some may be outside school time. For example, during Term 2, we invite the Foundation parents to an Art Show Charity Fundraiser while the 'Buddies' hold a movie night together in the 5/6 Learning Space.

The Foundation students support the older children at landmarks such as Confirmation by making them cards and presenting these to them.
Buddies are announced around Week 3 of Term 1, to ensure that the Foundation children have the time to make friends with children of their own age group before the Buddy programme is started.