In Ethics at St Therese, students identify and investigate the nature of morals and ethical concepts and will develop their capability to behave ethically by using own experiences, senses, emotions and reasoning.


Ethical Capability is a new subject in the Victorian Curriculum which explores what kind of society we should have and what kind of person one should be. As outlined in the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians, if we nurture students ‘personal values and attributes such as honesty, resilience, empathy and respect for others’, they will become more aware of the effect that their own morals and behaviour has on others.


In Ethics we examine how problems may contain more than one issue and explore the nature of an ethical dilemma. For example: choosing who to put in a lifeboat when there are limited places. Students will also learn how to make ethical judgements and decisions on complex issues such as human rights and responsibilities, animal rights, environmental issues, global justice, global warming, sustainable living and social inequality.


Throughout the year we will encourage group and independent investigations and students will enhance their critical and creative thinking, cooperative teamwork, and personal and social learning.


Ethics is currently a Year 5/6 Program run by Mrs Julie Nicholson.