During STEM lessons at St Therese, students utilise a wide range or materials and work collaboratively in groups to design and build a number of imaginative structures that stimulate their creativity and critical thinking skills.





STEM challenges integrate two or more standards from Science, Technology and Maths. We use engineering and creative approaches to real-world problems while building on students’ mathematics and science knowledge.


Within each lesson, we aim to teach students to be innovative and show perseverance through any failures. For eg: What to do if their team’s bridge construction fails on the first attempt. Whilst students can feel good having continual success, we aim to teach them skills to deal with real world challenges where the outcome is not always guaranteed. Consequentially, this will help to develop their discovery and entrepreneurial mindset.


Beyond learning to design, follow a plan and work with materials, students enhance their communication and teamwork skills. Most importantly, STEM challenges help students cultivate critical thinking in the modern world – where apps, machines and technologies often solve repetitive tasks for us.


STEM is currently a Year 3/4 Program run by Miss Julie Nicholson.