Bluearth is a movement and activity based program that uses the joy of movement to help children better understand themselves, the environment, their peers, teachers and the important relationships that exist between them.

In an inclusive and fun environment, students experience a range of individual, partner and group activities to improve posture, function, self-awareness and mindfulness. This helps build lifelong habits in physical activity and movement that is so important for children’s development, health and wellbeing. With skilful guidance and reflection, amazing results have and continue to be achieved.


Blueearth will form a part of our Physical Education Program with class teachers and Our PE Teacher - Mr. Peter Caddy.

Bluearth has 6 key elements to help build the whole child. We focus on the following 5 elements here at St Therese:


Coordination and agility: These activities are designed to improve, efficiency and quality of movement, control and response of body equilibrium, assurance of movement and protection against injury.

Specific movements include: Running, sprinting, kipping, hop, jump, lunge, side stepping, grape vine, rotation, rolling, crawling.


Skills: Skill activities provide opportunities to develop abilities that underpin more specific sport or physically demanding skills. The focus during these activities is for the students to gain awareness and acceptance of their abilities and to develop along their own continuum. Efficient execution of technique using correct movement patterns is encouraged.

Specific skills include: Kick, Punt, catch, throw, pass, 1 Handed strike, 2 Handed strike, bounce.


MITE (Moving in the environment): Here we use our natural or man-made environment to allow kids to explore our surroundings to play and understand risk verses reward (play grounds, logs, tyres etc).  

Examples include: Walking, running, jumping, crawling, climbing, swinging, hanging, balancing and roll; over, around, up, along, under and through the environment, challenging yourself to find opportunities for a variety of movement.


Movement and challenging games: Games are an opportunity to celebrate as a whole group. They can exist simply for fun or we can point to other messages that can be conveyed effectively through games. They bring out strategies, decision-making, resilience, teamwork, responsibility, awareness and the importance of the consequence of one’s actions.


Core movements: Core movement is designed to bring awareness to the structure and function of the body. The Postures are designed to open and release the tight areas of your body over an appropriate time span. As well as the physiological benefits of lengthening the body there are psychological benefits including composure, focus and attentiveness.