Parents and Friends

A very active Parents and Friends group provides many opportunities to celebrate and socialise with other members of the school community.  


Together with the School Advisory Board, the Parents and Friends Committee works to ensure that the students and the St Therese community have resources and opportunities to learn together, share experiences and celebrate their faith.

The Parents and Friends warmly invites all new members to to Committee Meetings. 


The P&F is a great way to be involved with the school and meet other friendly parents. They always love to welcome new faces and understand the busy nature of a family, so even if you can only help out with one thing per year, they would love to see you. 


Some of the annual activities the P&F are actively involved in are:

  • Pancake Day
  • Father's Day Golf
  • Father's Day and Mother's Day Stalls
  • Twilight Fair
  • Mother's Day Lunch
  • Parent Social Nights