School Vision

At St. Therese all learners have the opportunity to inquire, discover, grow and be Christ-centred.




  • Learning to inquire, develop, grow and discover through;Learning to Learn, that is acquiring the instruments of understanding and laying foundations for learning throughout life, where learning becomes a dimension of life itself;
  • Learning to Do, so as to be able to act creatively in one’s environment and the acquisition of competence that enables the capacity to deal with a variety of situations, often unforeseeable;
  • Learning to Be, so as to participate and co-operate with other people in all human activities achieving human potential to its fullest. Learning to Live Together, to give people the freedom of thought, judgement, feeling and imagination they need in order to develop their talents and remain as much as possible in control of their lives. To manage the inevitable conflicts in an intelligent and peaceful way. This is an essential progression which proceeds from the previous three.