LOTE (Indonesian)



Learning another language extends opportunity for communication and appreciation of differences.





At St Therese we develop the students’ trans disciplinary skills as a learner in these areas:

  • Thinking skills- Acquisition of knowledge, facts, ideas, vocabulary
  • Communication skills- Speaking, Listening, Viewing, Presenting, Reading, Writing
  • Social skills- Respecting others, recognising others have beliefs, viewpoints, religions and ideas that may differ from their own.




The nature of the learners
Children enter the early years of schooling with established oracy skills in one or more languages and varying degrees of early literacy capability. For young students, learning typically focuses on their immediate world of family, home, school,
friends and neighbourhood. They are learning how to socialise with new people, share with others, and participate in structured routines and activities at school.

Indonesian language learning and use
In these years there is an emphasis on developing learners’ oral language to enable them to participate in class activities such as shared reading, chants, rhymes, songs and games.

Contexts of interaction
The primary context for interaction is the language classroom, with the teacher of Indonesian, and peers or buddy classmates. Learners’ use of Indonesian primarily relates to classroom routines and activities, drawing on their curiosity about the world around them and their interest in play, movement and games.

LOTE is currently a Grades 1/2 Program run by Mrs Birute Liebich.