Physical Education


Physical education is an important component of Primary Education at St Therese Primary School.





The emphasis of the program is to promote physical health, positive attitudes towards physical activity, develop skills and to have fun. Physical exercise is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Children need to develop their gross and fine motor skills which have impacts on all areas of Contemporary Learning.


A big focus is put on teamwork, leadership, managing emotions when competing in games and always participating fully in each activity.  Students perform simple and complex fundamental motor skills in major games and individual challenges.  Personal best is the aim for students, not comparing themselves to others, but focusing on their own development and achievements.



Our Program provides opportunities to achieve personal challenges and take risks while at the same time focusing on cooperative behaviour. Physical Education  includes fitness, balls skills and games, athletics and swimming (Foundation to Year four). The senior school participates in a surfing and water safety program and an  annual athletics carnival is held at the end of term one each year.



Our school is part of the Geelong District School Sports Association (GDSSCA), where we compete regularly with other Catholic schools in the region in sports such as Athletics, Basketball, Football, Netball, Soccer, T-Ball, Softball, Lightning premierships, Round Robins and Friday afternoon interschool sports.

Our Physical Education Program is run by Mr Patrick Delahunty