The Arts (Visual Arts)


At St. Therese we offer a stimulating Visual Arts Program which incorporates both making and appreciating art. 





Students have the opportunities to investigate and experiment many different techniques and styles whilst being encouraged to confidently express their own ideas and gain skills.


Throughout the year, students are able to experiment with a broad range of art forms, such as: drawing, painting, print-making, design, ceramics, collage, textiles and construction. They gradually develop and apply safe and sustainable practices when experimenting with different materials and techniques. 


Both Australian and International artists are also explored and when making and responding to visual artworks, students explore meaning, forms and styles in different social, cultural and historical contexts.


Student artwork is a vibrant feature of our school both in the classrooms and school grounds. We believe that art also provides opportunities to build students confidence and creativity, as well as developing the capacity to become self-directed and articulate learners.



Visual Arts is currently taught across the school. 

Our Visual Arts Program is run by Mrs Tracey Hutchinson.