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Kelly Club – Fun Programmes that Kids Love

Kelly Club is very excited to announce we will be starting at St Therese Catholic Primary School in Term 1 2023.


Kelly Club provides OSHC before and after-school care programmes throughout Victoria. Our aim is to provide not just ‘a childcare facility’, but to create a safe environment where children can have fun and benefit from in a number of ways.


Our OSHC programmes are focused on sports, cooking, art and craft activities as well as structured ‘free-time’ around a busy day at school. These activities are incorporated into themed subjects each week that give children the opportunity to extend their learning outside of the school classroom. We believe it is important that children get the opportunity to enjoy play and engage with friends, while being under the supervision of quality staff, during out of school care programmes.


To register please contact us on the details below and we will send the information to you directly.


Enrolment Link:


For any further inquiries, you can reach us by;

Email - sttherese@kellycluboshc.com.au

Phone - 0411 939 299