March 6 was clean up Australia day for St Therese Year 5/6 students.
We travelled by bus down to Torquay Beach and walked all the way around to Point Danger and on around to Fisho's Beach. We were cleaning up the area around the beaches and along the foreshore.

As we were walking we were astonished to find a huge amount of waste.  We found thousands of cigarette butts, hundreds of pieces of hard plastics and general waste and glass was over 300 pieces and we are still counting...
We were overwhelmed by these findings.

Our plan was to do this as part of a community service, especially during Lent, but it felt good to just do something for our community and the environment and not expect anything back, apart from a clean town.

In the future, we would like the community to hold more clean up days around the beach areas and the parks.

We would like to see the community use more recyclable materials everyday.
Such as no single use plastics, use a 'keep a cup' and boomerang net bags for fruit and veggies at the supermarket.

If you come across any rubbish on your walks or anywhere, please pick it up because it all makes a difference.

By Kyla, Ava and Summer
(Sustainability Leaders)