Schools play a vital role in promoting the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, moral, spiritual and aesthetic development and wellbeing of young Australians. (Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians)

The heart of Student Wellbeing…. reflects a commitment to ensure that students are supported in their endeavours and that each student:

  • is healthy and safe
  • is engaged and supported
  • is challenged and supported
  • is challenged and has a sense of stewardship and service
  • is enabled to optimize learning potential

CEOM Student Wellbeing Strategy 2011 - 2015

At St Therese we have a number of processes and programs to support the social, emotional and well-being needs of all our students. We promote a positive wellbeing philosophy based on high expectations for all students within a nurturing environment. Our wellbeing culture across the school community draws the links between student wellbeing, social connectedness and improved learning outcomes.

As part of our student wellbeing program at St Therese we provide:
Teaching of skills, based on Gospel Values aimed at developing resilience, problem solving, the ability to make good choices and the encouragement of empathy towards others.

The Big 3, which outlines the expectations of all students at St Therese. The key elements are: Respect for Self, Respect for Others and Respect for our Environment and Property.

Play and Creative Arts: supportive play and arts based sessions for children, both individually and in small groups, who may benefit from further opportunities to work through social, emotional, behavioural and life experiences as they arise. Working creatively in this safe space also increases confidence and enables students to explore their full potential.

A Buddy Program - Foundation (Prep) and Year Six students participate in a Buddy Program to support students in their first year of schooling. Students participate in regular timetabled activities whilst also meeting together in the playground and sharing lunch or snack together.

In addition we have a Student Wellbeing Support Group to support staff, children and their families. The purpose of this group is to maintain strong links with parents and encourage a sense of belonging and mutual respect within the school community.

Behaviour Management Policy


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