The Community at St Therese is very welcoming and supportive.

Student led learning conversations (booked through PTO)  are scheduled on a fortnightly basis to maintain high student/parent/school communication levels and the school will continue to extend invitations to the parents and wider community to participate in ways to strengthen the school and its community relationships.

Communication within our local and global community is evident on our website and as part of each year level Learning Community Blogs.

Our presence in local newspapers demonstrates our many local connections. As part of our participation in a Contemporary Learning Research Project from Melbourne University/Catholic Education Office Melbourne, St Therese hosts for other schools wishing to learn about and view Contemporary Learning and teaching practices and feedback from these visits is always positive and helpful to us.


During 2011, our Parish Priest, Fr Linh, told the Year 6 students his story of leaving Vietnam as a refugee and this inspired them to want to learn more about life in Vietnam and to raise money for a project there. The Year 6 Outreach Group approached Fr Linh about the possibility of making some connections in Vietnam for us. A program such as this relies first of all, on the development of a relationship to succeed. It also requires monitoring of resources and finances, the ability to listen to the needs of the people there and the ability to respond where possible. With Fr Linh’s connection in Vietnam, particularly with a place called KonTum which is located in the Central Highlands region near the borders of Laos and Cambodia, we felt confident that we could achieve these aims.

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