Our Contemporary Learning Focus

St Therese Contemporary Learning Focus 2012-13

Learning and Teaching at St Therese will provide personalised learning opportunities for all learners; students staff and parents, that will be enriched with and through the introduction of ICON/Ultranet


Students will:

  • make informed choices / decisions on what, with and how they learn
  • identify Passions, Interests and Needs (PIN)
  • make decisions based on PINs
  • ask questions about their learning
  • collaborate within and beyond school to support their learning based on PINs
  • write relevant and purposeful goals

Teachers will:

  • model and explicitly demonstrate how to make choices of what, how and who they learn with
  • inspire students to learn, investigate, question, wonder and think
  • provide effective teacher/student feedback
  • collect and analyse evidence about student learning progress to inform learning
  • expose students to ideas on ways to learn and set up structures to allow for reflection and goal setting
  • explicitly teach effective ways to reflect on and establish goals
  • support students in self-directed learning
  • provide opportunities for students to explore, identify and address their PINs
  • model how to effectively investigate and question
  • support partnerships across all teachers working with children
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