Visual and Performing Arts


At St. Therese our students have the opportunities to investigate and experiment with many different techniques and styles; and to express themselves through a variety of mediums. We take our inspiration from traditional and contemporary artworks as well as from each other.

We also enjoy being involved in local and national community arts projects and competitions.
Two pieces recently entered in the ‘One refugee without hope is too many’ calendar competition…


Whilst there are many opportunities to develop their preferred form of expression, each student is encouraged to take a risk and investigate new methods, styles and skills. Students are encouraged to be as innovative as they can when using the process of designing, creating, evaluating and refining their pieces.
We believe that art also provides opportunities to build confidence and creativity, as well as developing the capacity to become self-directed and articulate learners. 

We view artworks with Ron Ritchhart’s [Intellectual Character, 2002] questions in mind…
Foundation (Prep) – Year 2
What can you see?
What do you see that makes you say that?
What else can you see?

Years 3 – 6
What does this artwork say about the time and culture in which it was created?
What things might different types of artists notice about this work?
Why does / doesn’t this work immediately appeal to me?
How does this work challenge my perception of what is good art?
What do you notice if you look at it from a different perspective or angle?
What piece of art would be the most fun to try to recreate?






The Performing Arts at St Therese includes Music, Drama and Dance.

Activities within these subject areas are designed to give students the opportunity to participate individually, or work collaboratively within small to larger groups, developing their ideas and presenting them in a variety of ways to an audience. Exposure to a broad range of music, the development of a range of drama techniques and participation in common line dances, folk dances and current trends such as hip hop, allow students to develop both personal styles and standard steps. Performance in these areas allows for constructive feedback and support from their peers, whilst acquiring the ability to speak clearly and confidently in front of others.

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