Religious Education

The RE curriculum expresses an authentic understanding of Christ and his teaching, seeking to bring into harmony faith, culture and life. St Therese school endeavours to develop an understanding of the dignity of the human person and is committed to social justice and service.

At St Therese School, our Religious Education program:

  • Aims at introducing students to the person of Jesus Christ through the stories, experiences and teachings of Scripture and the traditions of the Catholic community.
  • Aims at assisting students to know where God is revealed in daily life and supports students to respond to the activity of God in their life and in the whole creation.
  • Introduces students to a Christian worldview on what it means to be human, a way of understanding self, others and the world.
  • Offers students the opportunity to explore and construct meaning about life and the world.
  • Offers student the opportunity to participate in prayer and liturgy on a regular basis.


  • St Therese School works with families and the St Therese Church community in the Parish of Nazareth, Grovedale to assist students through their journey of faith. Sacraments are the festive, ritual actions in which Christians assemble to celebrate their lived experience.
  • St Therese School prepares students for the Sacraments of Reconciliation at Year 3, Eucharist at Year 4 and Confirmation at Year 6. Our Sacraments call us to action and to live a life inspired by the life of Jesus Christ.

Enhancing Catholic Schools Identity Project

St Therese School through its association with the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria and the Catholic University Leuvin, Belgium, is engaged in the Enhancing Catholic Schools Identity Project. The project invites schools to identify their own Catholic identity and to explore the capacity to achieve a preferred identity. Our involvement in this project through a range of surveys has allowed us to gain insights about our school’s identity to assist us in planning actions for the future of St Therese School.

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