Contemporary Learning

At St Therese, we are focused on providing a Contemporary Learning environment that focuses on preparing our students for living in the 21st Century.

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St Therese participates in the Contemporary Learning Research Project, an initiative of the Catholic Education Office and Melbourne University. The Project supports us in our endeavours to ensure that we are preparing our students for living in the 21st Century, by becoming responsible citizens, flexible life-long learners and equipped to learn through the use of multi-media and technology.

The Contemporary Learning Schema document is the basis of teacher’s planning, assisting with planning for skill development and innovation, for building relationships and communication within our local and global community. The Contemporary Learning Schema assists leaders and teachers to reflect on their work and to stimulate dialogue around teaching practice and student learning within the context of the school.


 Contemporary Learning Schema pdf document


Our reflective practice is rigorous and challenging, and teams of teachers are empowered to constantly move forward with their own learning. It aims to ensure that:

  • Learning opportunities are relevant to children, personalised and tap into their Passions, Interests and Needs (PINS)
  • Learning environments are connected to local and global networks, collaborative, safe and secure, flexible, supportive of innovation, focused on the children’s inquiries. 
  • Learners are engaged in the Contemporary world through building relationships and connecting with others, taking responsibility for self, taking action that matters, committing to service and justice, developing partnerships and active citizenship.


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