Board and Parents and Friends

Catholic Primary school boards

A very active Parents and Friends group provides many opportunities to celebrate and socialize and with the School Advisory Board works to ensure that the students and the St Therese community have resources and opportunities to learn together, share experiences and celebrate their faith.

Boards of parish primary schools are generally established by the parish priest to act as an advisory body to the parish priest and principal on matters concerning the development of the school and the education and welfare of the students. The school board has as its central purpose the realisation of the vision of the school.
In realising this vision, the school board aims to:

  • act as a forum for discussion on matters concerning education in the school
  • support the provision of Catholic education in the parish by providing a link to the school community
  • promote the role of community in the life of the school.

The specific functions of the board may include:

  • promoting and supporting the Catholic ethos of the school
  • supporting the Religious Education programs
  • promoting the life of the parish within the school community
  • involvement in policy review and development
  • contributing to setting objectives for the school year
  • providing advice on budget planning and finance-related matters
  • contributing to the selection process for the school principal
  • engaging in local promotion of the school
  • assisting with the preparation of reports to the school community
  • communicating with parents and the school’s parent groups and auxiliaries.
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